Hunting Island State Park, SC

Though each South Carolina State Park charms in its own way, Hunting Island State Park is my favorite. In 2019 I set a goal to visit all 47 South Carolina State parks. This park is where I received my “Ultimate Outsider” certificate. Hunting Island is located in Beaufort County, in the coastal area of the state. The land was donated to the state in 1938. The park was developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to provide jobs during the depression. It is listed on the National Register of Historic places. It boasts over five miles of beautiful sandy beaches, a maritime forest, salt marshes… It offers camping, swimming, hiking, fishing and much more. It is home to a historic lighthouse, the only public one in the state. It is fun to climb the 167 steps to the top and take in the beautiful expanses around it. Hiking is best in the fall or winter to avoid excessive heat and mosquitoes. It is a beautiful place to swim in the summer and possibly spring. The photos below are from multiple visits. On my first trip we hiked several trails including the Maritime Forest Trail and the Lagoon Trail and crossed over the bridge to Little Hunting Island. I love to visit its Boneyard beach to watch the sunrise. It is accessible through the nature center which has its own parking at the park’s periphery. Wildlife abounds in the park, loggerhead turtles nest in the park. I have photographed Ospreys and Bald Eagles there. Guest may also encounter snakes, racoons, alligators, herons, egrets, etc.

There is a boat ramp providing scenic sunset views. It has its own parking across the street from the nature center. A few of the photos below were taken there. The boat ramp is where one could board a boat to Saint Phillips Island. A 4 mile long island previously owned by Ted Turner. Island tours are scheduled through Coastal Expeditions

References Hunting Island State park, Saint Phillips Island Tours

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