Port Royal’s Cypress Wetlands, SC

I very much enjoyed walking the half mile boardwalk at Port Royal’s Cypress Wetlands on May 12, 2021. It is such a neat place to visit in the center of downtown. In addition to alligators, the wetlands are home to a variety of birds: egrets, herons, anhinga, black birds, moorhens etc. It is quite amazing to see them sharing the same trees. I was surprised at the number of populated nests. I was in a photographer’s heaven!

A grant was secured in 1999 to restore the wetlands as a rookery to allow a safe location for nesting birds. Additionally, it provides a place for storm water runoff. It is magical, fun and educational. The restoration was very successful. I highly recommend you visit the wetlands with your camera whenever you find yourself in the area. It is indeed an experience not to be missed.

References Friends of Port Royal Cypress Wetlands, Beaufort Life Style

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  1. If you have not already done so, please make a donation to help maintain the beautiful wetlands and the boardwalk on the Friends of Port Royal Cypress Wetlands website.


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