Beaufort Waterfront, SC

Beaufort’s waterfront is a romantic, colorful, and lively area. It is hard to imagine that it used to be run down, filled with dilapidated docks, trash and old tires. In the 1960s, Willie Scheper, Beaufort’s mayor started the effort to overhaul the space. The park officially opened in 1979. Mayor Henry C. Chambers continued expanding on the original vision. The park was named after him. More renovations in 2001 and 2005 led to the park’s current beautiful state. It quickly gained popularity among visitors and locals alike. There is a fun playground with drinking water and bathrooms, a large marina, an assortment of restaurants, ice cream and coffee shops, a waterfront walking path, a stage. The park is open dusk to dawn and offers plenty of benches and swings for seating. There are a number of plaques detailing the history of the area next to the playground.

The town of Beaufort was chartered in 1711 by the British. It is the second oldest city in South Carolina after Charleston. It was named after Henry Somerset, 2nd duke of Beaufort. Gigantic moss covered oak trees line the road leading to the marina. Visitors can spot beautiful antebellum houses turned Bed and Breakfast hotels with a beautiful view of the water. I enjoyed my walk by the moss draped oak trees. I visited with my friend Jackie on the 13th of March, 2021. We saw tourists on a horse-drawn carriage listening to their tour guide, children delighting in Italian ice, couples holding hands as they walked by the water, teens throwing frisbees, families swinging gently while admiring the scenic view before them. If in the area, I suggest you stop by and enjoy a memorable sunset walk.

Reference Beaufort Waterfront, the City of Beaufort

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  1. Sylvie,
    The Beaufort pictures and Iris gardens are stunning!
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