Botany Bay, SC

I’ll tell you a little secret about Botany Bay: I can’t get enough of visiting it. As you drive in under a canopy of trees, you get the feeling you are automatically transported back in time when people lived there in the plantation house and worked the fields. It’s a special place, I feel my heart jump as soon as I pick up the map from the kiosk to start the self-driving tour. After checking in, drive the short distance to the beach parking area. It’s a beautiful short walk to the most unique beach in the world. As you reach it, you will be greeted with uprooted trees lying on the sand. The property used to have a plantation on it. It was donated to the SC DNR and is now open to the public on most days (They close it when hunting is in-progress.) If you plan to visit, check their web site to make sure they are open that day. The beach is eroding so every time you visit you will see less of it. I was told that there was a small island in the water where the upper class quarantined when an illness hit the mainland. That island is under water today. I highly recommend you visit this magical beach.

Official Web Site Botany Bay

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