Estatoe Narrows, SC

Today 1/24/2021 I met up with a smaller group of The Girls Who Hike, SC to hike the Estatoe Narrows trail in the Eastatoe Creek Heritage Preserve. The group was restricted in size due to Covid with no carpooling and discretionary masks. We met upstate at the Foothills trail parking lot off Hwy 178. The last 0.3 miles leading up to the parking lot were unpaved but easily drivable. The trail ends at a beautiful waterfall, it is a little steeper leading down to the waterfall otherwise it was an easy to follow trail with a few ups and downs and a few wooden steps along the way. The hike was about 5 miles out and back.

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4 thoughts on “Estatoe Narrows, SC

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  1. The pictures make that hike very inviting. The waterfall pics were so pretty. We’re you able to get close to the waterfall?

  2. Good day for a hike with some exertion to keep muscles warm… just say I’m surprised that you went on a Sunday. What happened to Sunday dinner? Did everybody go hungry? LOL


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