Eudora Farms Safari, SC

We headed to Eudora Farms safari on 1/18/2020. I had read about this drive through safari a few months back and made a mental note to visit. Today was the perfect day to head over to Salley, SC as it was sunny but cold. I took my mother with me, we paid the entry fee and purchased two buckets of animal feed. No sooner did we pass through the gate that the animals started coming over to our windows. I only opened mine to take occasional photos. Most of the photos were taking through the windshield. Mom rolled down her window and presented her bucket only to see the animals put their head through it and splatter the feed all over the car. Even though it was expected, it was still quite a surprise to see big and small drooling animal faces suddenly come through the car window and invade our space. Mom was so surprised she let go of her bucket immediately and screamed. I never laughed so hard in my life.

I was surprised at the number of species I could not name. They own 200 exotic animals. We saw most of them on the three mile drive through trail. The animals were not shy. Finding my window rolled up, some proceeded to the car behind us. Others like the lama, actually went to check out my passenger side first before heading behind us, pretty smart. The animals were friendly and eager to eat. I would not put the feed on my hand and let them partake as the little girl in the car in front of us did -especially during this time of pandemic. I would not hesitate to take future visitors there. It is only about an hour away and at $20/car plus $5/bucket for feed it is an affordable family adventure. I highly recommend it. It is great fun and educational.

Reference Eudora Farms Safari web site

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  1. Another winner Sylvie!!! Your pictures are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing them.


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