Buenos Aires-Tango Show, Argentina (5 of 5)

Tango, one of the most famous dances in history, originated in the 18th century in the lower-class neighborhoods of Buenos Aires along the Rio de la Plata where European immigrants settled alongside former slaves and indigenous Argentinians. Tango is believed to have resulted from the mixing of these cultures. The working class danced it in music halls, brothels, bars and conventillos (multifamily shared homes). Known as the music of the immigrants, it was shunned as inappropriate by the upper class and Tango gatherings were banned by the Argentinian government in 1789. By the end of the 1800s, Tango became popular within all Argentinian social classes. It made its way to Paris in the early 20th century, then the rest of Europe reaching New York in 1913. Initially controversial due to its “perceived sexual overtones”, it did not take long before it became socially acceptable and the most popular dance in Paris and New York.

On the evening of 2/18/2023, our second day in Buenos Aires, we attended a dinner and tango show at El Viejo Almacen, one of the oldest Tango houses in the city. I enjoyed both the meal and the show. I was in awe of the dancers who moved gracefully across the stage in their evening attire. The band was amazing especially the bandoneon player. I also enjoyed the songs’ melodies even though I don’t understand Spanish. I did not have my camera so I used my iphone. A visit to Argentina is not complete without attending a Tango show.

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