Buenos Aires-Metropolitan Cathedral, Argentina (4 of 5)

Our 2/18/2023 tour of Buenos Aires stopped at Plaza de Mayo where the guide gave us about 40 minutes to wander the area. A number of people were milling about the beautiful plaza among the palm trees. The Metropolitan Cathedral is located on one end of the plaza. I made my way to visit the spectacular building.

The cathedral is the mother church of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio performed mass at the cathedral before becoming Pope Francis and moving to the Vatican in 2013. It had been rebuilt seven times since its initial building in 1593. The spectacular five-nave interior is a mix of various architectures. I couldn’t help but admire the Frescoes, the venetian mosaic floors, the sculptures some dating back to Colonial times, intricate large paintings. The main organ is a 3500 pipe Walcker dating back to 1871.

The magnificent cathedral is definitely worth a stop when visiting Buenos Aires.

References Cathedral web site

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