Iguazu Falls, Brazil & Argentina

At a width of 2,700m/1.67 miles, Iguazu Falls are not only wider than Niagara Falls (945m/0.6mile), but also higher (82m/269ft vs. Niagara’s 54m/177ft). My first glimpse of the Falls came through the airplane window as we approached the airport on our flight from Buenos Aires. I was lucky to find myself seated at the right side of the plane. I was immediately taken aback by how expansive the falls are. Iguazu Falls have 275 drops, the longest being 80m/262ft. The falls span both Brazil and Argentina. Founded in 1939, the Brazilian National Park is three times the size of the Argentinian National Park which was founded in 1934. They were declared UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1984. We visited both as each offers a different perspective of the stunning falls.

On the Brazilian side, a bus shuttles visitors to the beginning of the single circuit/trail. It is under one mile and should not take more than two hours to walk. We visited on Tuesday 2/21/2023. It was a hot day, and the park was packed with people making it difficult to make our way to the end of the boardwalk through all the visitors trying to snap selfies and photos in front of the highest drop. The next day we went on a guided tour of the Argentinian National Park. The Argentinian side offers 6 circuits. I did not take it, but visitors could also ride a boat that would navigate them under the falls for yet another perspective than that offered by the land circuits. Two ladies on our tour very much enjoyed the boat ride despite getting drenched. I recommend visiting both park though I think the Brazilian side shows the falls’ magnificence best.

In the evening we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Three Border Point in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina. The point is named this way because Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay share borders at the convergence of the Iguazu and Parana rivers at this location. There are restaurants, a nice walk by the river and a few souvenirs shops to peruse. Several visitors were milling about enjoying the beautiful evening.

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Videos from the Argentinian National Park

Three Borders Point, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

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  1. One of my dream destinations. What time of the year is best to visit the falls? Did you go on your own with with an organized trip/tour? Thanks

    1. I would say when it’s summer over there which is when we went. Jan, Feb, March but you could go other times to avoid the crowds. I went with a friend. We researched where we wanted to go and contacted a travel agent in Argentina to help us book the logistics. Happy to share their info if you like


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