40 Acre Rock Heritage Preserve, Fall 2022, SC

I met two friends at 40 acres rock on 10/26/2022 for a hike. I had been to the preserve a few times before but not in the fall season. I very much enjoyed the radiant colors.

The 2,965 acres preserve is full of diversity which is what l love most about the place. The 3.9 miles loop trail, meanders through a pine forest, an immense granite rock (14 acres), a waterfall, a water slide, a beaver pond, a creek, a couple of small caves, a hardwood forest … Water collects in crevices on the giant rock where tiny flowers called Pool Sprite grow in spring -likely the best time to visit to see a plethora of other wildflowers that grow there. The preserve is managed by the SC Department of Natural Resources. Their web site states that it is designated as a National Natural Landmark.

We hiked the 3.9 miles loop trail clockwise. Just past the overlook, the trail became a bit overgrown and muddy in places with a few downed trees that we had to cross over or hike around. This lasted about half a mile or so. Other than this section the trail was rather easy to moderate. Nature is simply glorious in its multi color fall outfit.

Reference AllTrails, SC DNR

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