Custer State Park Wildlife Loop, SD

Located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Custer State Park is absolutely beautiful. It was founded in 1891, the first State Park in South Dakota. It covers 71,000 acres. We drove through it a few times during our June 2022 trip to South Dakota. This post is from our first evening when we had a delicious dinner at Sylvan lodge. It was the first time I tried Walleye fish, so good! We walked around the lodge delighting at the scenic landscapes and snapping photos.

We drove through Wildlife Loop two days later. We were delayed by a large herd of Bisons or buffaloes (not sure I know the difference) that moved ever so slowly blocking the road. We stopped and waited along with a line of cars for quite a time. The buffaloes were in the road wandering among cars. It was a sight like nothing I’ve seen before, likely the best part of our South Dakota trip! We also saw the cutest prairie dogs and a wild turkey.

I highly recommend driving through Wildlife Loop if you are ever in the vicinity.

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