Cypress Gardens, SC

I visited Cypress Gardens on 6/27/2020 on a solo trip. It is two hours away from my house near Charleston. The park offers 3.5 miles of walking/hiking trails along a Cypress filled swamp. As I arrived to the dock, I was informed that I could take a self-guided 5 mile swamp trail so I proceeded to do just that. Armed with a paddle and a boat I explored the swamp. Paddling was a lot of fun once I got the hang of navigating. I was even able to take a few photos without getting my camera wet. I followed the trail under two bridges. I did not see any alligators or wildlife while on the boat. After I completed the paddle trail I walked the garden paths. My next trip to this beautiful place will be in April/May when Azaleas would be blooming. I am sure it would be just gorgeous.

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