German Chocolate Cake

My husband only eats German Chocolate Cake so for his birthday, I had to make his favorite cake. I used the German Chocolate Cake recipe from Allrecipes with minor modifications


  • I roasted the pecans in the oven after slicing them into tiny slices. Be careful as they would burn fast.
  • I also browned the coconut flakes with a non-stick pan over the stop top. Be more careful with the coconut, you will need to keep stirring and flipping them so they don’t burn.
  • I doubled the filling, even that was not enough to cover around the cake, next time I will make 2.5 times what the recipe calls for
  • I made chocolate ganache with semi-sweet chocolate morsels, a bit of water and a touch of rum

The result was a delicious German Chocolate cake that takes a little while to make and generates a pile of dishes to wash but oh so worth it!

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