Landsford Canal State Park 2021, SC

Landsford canal is uniquely situated on the Catawba river in Chester county. It contains the ruins of an old canal and lock constructed in the 1800s and later abandoned when the railroad was built. You can see the remnants of a lock used to lower boats into the canal when the river levels were high. There is a sign next to the lock stating that it was built by Irish masons under directions from Robert Leckie.

According to its web site, the park is home to the largest stand of rocky shoals spider lilies. When we visited on 5/30/2021, there was almost no room to park. People flocked to admire the beautiful white flowers in full bloom. They only bloom for a few weeks mid-May to mid-June and they are a beauty!

I saw a number of colorful kayaks floating around the lilies. It was a beautiful cool day in May that kept the mosquitoes at bay. The park offers a number of picnic tables with a playground as well as canoe and boating access, fishing, birding and geocaching.

If you plan to visit to see the Spider Lilies, check the park’s updates on their status here.

Reference Landsford Canal State Park Web Site

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