Moonshine and Confusion Falls, SC

On a beautiful Saturday in February (2/20/2021), I drove 2.5 hours to meet a group of Girls Who Hike, SC upstate in Cleveland, SC. We planned to hike the out and back 5.5 miles trail to Moonshine and Confusion Falls. The trailhead is located inside a private property owned by the Methodist church. Emily, our hike leader had called ahead to get the gate code. I reached the gate, punched in the code and followed the road through the beautiful property until I reached a parking area where a couple of other ladies were already parked. Soon the rest of the group gathered around. After a few minutes of introductory exercises lead by Lisa, we were on our way to the falls. The trail was beautiful meandering through the woods under a very blue sky. It reminded me of hiking the AT. After about a mile in we reached the cable crossing. I was dreading this part of the hike but it turned out to be the most fun. The cable was quite sturdy and the crossing was not long at all. I expected to be scared but I enjoyed it. Check out the video below.

A sign for the cable bridge
Lisa was nice enough to video of my crossing
Crossing the bridge

Moonshine Falls

We proceeded past the cable crossing on our way to Moonshine Falls. I carefully hiked down the angled descent toward the Falls. Old barrels were rusting under the big rocks from which the 40ft Fall splashed down. Now you know why it was called Moonshine.

Unnamed Falls

Not sure if this fall has a name. It is located about between Moonshine and Confusion. It was going strong likely because of all the rain we have had lately. I did not see any signs, Emily found a site that mentioned “Revenuer Fall” but not sure if it is correct.

Confusion Falls

Confusion falls were simply beautiful certainly worth the hike and the tricky crossing over the creek. They flowed into a small pool which would be quite inviting in the summer.

The Trail

The trail was beautiful with a few creek crossings. A couple were a bit tricky to cross (Thanks Anita for the help). We could see the beautiful South Carolina mountain chains through the trees. I observed interesting mushrooms formations, beautiful red Galax, passed a small lake where campers kayaked, a boy scout camp.

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  1. Well we thought we made it to Confusion Falls when we did this trail a few years ago but we apparently stopped short. Now we have to go back!!


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