Dragon’s Tooth, VA

This trail is the third of Virginia’s Triple Crown. I hiked it with my brother on Monday 11/23/2020. It started out along a stream, it was nice to hike listening to the water rushing by us. The trail is about 1200ft. in elevation so it is not too bad, and might be the easiest of the triple crown in terms of elevation gain, but the last .7 mile is somewhat of a tough climb as it ends with a wall of rocks. I took a few photos of my brother climbing it and was contemplating where to place my feet when a young couple reached me. I signaled to them to go before me figuring I would follow in their footsteps but before I knew it they had reached the top! Youth has its privileges. I did hike to the top albeit at a slower pace. You might need to use your hands on the rocks but it is doable. I very much enjoyed the beautiful views. The trail is 4 miles out and back. The elevation gain is 1,297ft. Alltrails rates it as difficult. I highly recommend this hike. Virginia is certainly rich in wonderful trails that present a workout as well as beautiful vistas.

Kudos to the Roanoke Appalachian Hiking Club for doing an excellent job maintaining this and other trails I hiked in Virginia. They are indeed very clean, well marked and offer nice steps where it would have been a very technical climb otherwise.

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