Swan Lake and Iris Garden 2023, SC

Swan Lake and Iris Garden is a gem of a park located in Sumter, SC. Young and old, walkers and runners, lovers and singles are sure to enjoy this gorgeous 150-acre space. It’s only about a one mile walk around the lake but it is guaranteed to recharge your brain and bring peace to your heart. I drive to Sumter every spring to walk it and photograph swans and lake. This year I visited on April 4th. It was a beautiful, bright day. I was hoping to see azaleas in bloom. They were almost gone so I occupied myself watching swans. I saw several mama swans sitting on their eggs. I stopped and observed one as she fussed over her nest while waiting on her partner to come up from the lake. She took a break as soon he did, leaving their precious eggs under his careful watch. I took several photos being careful not to get too close.

If you are visiting Sumter, SC, a stop at this garden is a must. You will undoubtedly see the eight different species of Swans that live there in addition to various species of ducks, turtles, cormorants, geese etc. Bring bug repellent, a water bottle, sunscreen, your camera and a big smile.

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