If you are watching us dad

I hope you can see that your four children have followed your footsteps in putting their families first

I hope you are discerning that we raised our own based on what we observed in you

I hope you are exuding pride at how -though not without struggles we have bounced back from life’s setbacks

I hope you are satisfied that you left mom in good hands just as your own dad must have felt

I hope you are smiling despite seeing mom’s efforts at keeping your backyard garden going

I hope you are rewarded to see your self-confident and beautiful eleven grandchildren forge their own way

I hope you are praying with joy over the policeman, researcher, mechanical engineer, civil engineer who have already joined the workforce

I am confident you are sending positive vibes of encouragement to the seven working hard in academia following their older cousins’ footsteps

You did it dad, even though you did not finish high school you made sure all your children received University Degrees, they in turn are making sure their own accomplish the same

I hope that when you ponder over your lifelong sacrifices, you conclude they were well worth it

I hope you are resting in the peace of knowing that thanks to your hard work, your legacy on Earth is contributing to making it a better place

Happy Father Day to all fathers being remembered or honored today

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8 thoughts on “If you are watching us dad

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  1. Beautiful. all fathers wish they could have such an impact on their families that they would be so remembered

  2. I’m sure he is.
    Thank you, and Happy Father’s day to your husband and dads in your family!


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