Big Talbot Island State Park, FL

On 2/5/2022 we visited the Talbot Islands of Florida. It was a very cold and rainy day. Our stop at Small Talbot Island State Park was very brief just long enough to snap a few photos. We then headed north to Big Talbot Island State Park. We parked at the lot across from Blackrock Trail and braved the cold to hike the easy short trail toward Boneyard beach, a photographer’s dream beach. Dead oak trees blanched by waves rested on the beach next to black rock sediments. It’s a perfect place for contemplation and introspection.

The Talbot Islands are undeveloped barrier islands 20 miles east of Jacksonville, Florida. History has them inhabited by Timucua Indians until 1562 when the islands were colonized by French, English and Spanish.

Little Talbot Island State Park charges $5 parking fee. It offers 5 miles of beach and 3 miles of hiking and biking trails. Big Talbot State Park charges $3 parking fee to access the Blackrock hiking trail. Both parks offer opportunities for hiking, boating, fishing, shelling, bicycling, geo caching, paddling, wildlife viewing etc. If you are looking to swim, then Small Talbot State park is where you visit as swimming is not recommended at Driftwood beach due to strong currents.

Reference Big Talbot State Park, Little Talbot State Park

Big Talbot State Park

Little Talbot State Park

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