2022 Snowstorm, SC

The ice from the ice storm had barely melted before South Carolina was hit with a snowstorm. It had been eight years since the last snowstorm. I woke up early on 1/22/22 excited as a child to get outside and take some photos. I piled on multiple layers of clothes and walked out with my camera. My neighborhood’s streets were still quiet. I did not see anybody as I headed out very early. It didn’t take long before I turned around for a cup hot tea. As I made my way back outside, children and adults were out and about sliding on the snow with makeshift gear or building snowmen. I snapped photos including a few of a lovely neighbor and her handsome son. The neighborhood looked winter wonderland beautiful! We are not equipped to deal with snow in the midlands of South Carolina, so we are just as happy to watch the snow melt away as we are to welcome it.

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  1. I live in the Caribbean so no snow here at all. Hope you guys enjoyed and a cup of hot chocolate afterwards would have been essential 😊


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