Gateway Gardens, NC

My friend Laura and I headed to Greensboro to explore its gardens on 9/15/2020. Gateway garden’s memorable gates welcome you to its well manicured 11 acres. The garden is still under development, the completed part is simply lovely especially the children’s area peppered with cool colorful artwork and flowers inviting children of all ages to relax and enjoy. In addition to its intricate gates, the garden features a tall water fountain and beautiful walking trails. It opened to the public in 2011.

Reference Gateway Gardens

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6 thoughts on “Gateway Gardens, NC

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  1. I didn’t see the bridge with the block letters. Now I have to go back. I loved how you got the apples behind the frog statue. This trip really exceeded my expectations.

  2. I’m amazed at how beautiful South Carolina is and how much I missed when I lived there. Thank you Sylo for showing us! Love u


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