Chestnut Ridge Heritage Preserve WMA, SC

Yesterday 9/5/2020 I met a friend at the parking lot of this Wildlife Management area to hike. This 2190 acre area is managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. They allow hunting for bear, deer, squirrel and turkey on a portion of this land so if you plan a trip make sure to take an orange vest just in case it’s a hunt day. The terrain varries between an area that had been clear cut to one with mature trees. It climbs moderately until reaching the Pacolet river, a creek like water way. It’s about 2.75 miles one way, very enjoyable trail. If you head over to hike this trail, make sure to stop by at Poinsett Bridge, the oldest in South Carolina which is located nearby.

References DNR Chestnut Ridge Heritage Preserve , All Trail Chestnut Ridge Heritage Preserve

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