Twin Creeks Lavender Farm, SC

Sad what I am seeing on the news. I take respite in nature. It fills me with peace, happiness and hope. Yesterday’s adventure took me to a lavender farm. How soothing is that! Find your inspiration in what is beautiful.

My friend Jackie and I drove to Williamston, SC to pick lavender. It was two and a half hours away from our home in SC. We arrived early to avoid the heat but it caught up with us quickly. We had a great time nonetheless picking multiple bouquets. We purchased lavender sachets, soap and roll on. The farm is over 100 years old historically used to raise cattle – we saw some roaming the fields next to us. They have recently started to grow lavender, 2020 is their second annual U-Pick. they offer multiple varieties including the Provence, my favorite. They also have the edible variety.

Reference Twin Creek Lavender Farm

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