Ridge Spring Peach Blossoms, SC

My friend Nancy suggested I visit Ridge Springs next door to where her mother grew up to photograph peach blossoms. I had a few hours on the first day of Spring 2021 so I drove to check them out. Ridge Spring, SC is a small town that was inhabited by Native Americans prior to the 1700s. Beautiful plantation houses were built in the later part of the 1700s, some can still be seen today. In the 1800s cotton was planted. Later peach trees prospered due to their suitability to the soil. The town was incorporated in 1882. Ridge Springs town center is charming with a gazebo, a model train wagon, Juniper restaurant, a small fresh market, a beautiful mural. I intend to go back to check out the few churches in time that I did not have time to see and to dine at Juniper.

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My friend Marlena pointed out this beautiful poem about peach blossoms by Li-Young Lee. Check it out here.

Town of Ridge Spring

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6 thoughts on “Ridge Spring Peach Blossoms, SC

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  1. Peaches are very sensitive to climate temperatures. They need cold weather during dormant winter time and early warm spring temperatures can lead to disaster if a late frost happens. The Ridge has the best of both temperature extremes except for very late frost which can wipe out entire crop. Several years ago they were wiped out with two years back to back.
    Prior to those two years, train loads were shipped to New York and Chicago areas. Today, mostly fresh markets.

    1. Thank you for your comment and this information. I sure hope this year will see an abundant crop. I’d love to drive to the Ridge to buy some at the fresh market I saw especially since I took the fruits’ baby blossom photos


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