Greenwood Festival of Flowers, SC

My mother and I headed to Greenwood, SC today 6/26/2020 to look at the topiary sculptures. I had not heard of this event before, it was my first visit. I was pleasantly surprised with a beautiful uptown alive with multi-colored flowers decorating every few steps. It was cute, cozy and pretty I felt as if we were walking through a vibrant spring painting.

Little did I know that the Festival Of Flowers is a yearly event that started 53 years ago to showcase this beautiful small South Carolina town as a destination for flowers and family fun. This event is among the top twenty tourism events in the South East. It features 44 living topiary sculptures spread out through uptown. It was not very crowded today likely due to Covid which has slowed down our economy so drastically. I saw several people wearing masks especially when going into stores. It was pretty hot on this Friday morning, after a couple of hours we were ready to find some shade.

Web Site Greenwood’s Festival of Flowers , Topiary map

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