An Easter Prayer

No super moon in the South Carolina sky tonight. It’s hiding behind clouds. May be the virus scared it or may be it is quarantining in solidarity with the people of Earth. I am sitting outside on this beautiful balmy spring evening contemplating our surreal current events.
I am of course thankful and grateful for the safety of family and friends.
My thoughts flow to the million people struggling in our hospitals tonight.
My heart aches for the families of the 82,000 individuals who were with us just 3 months ago.
My mind is asking a million question.
My brain is attempting to come up with rational answers and tame depressing thoughts.
The Holy Week has certainly taken on a special meaning this year. I pray that Easter brings with it an end to the suffering. He who conquered death, has the power to part the virus clouds and allow the light of good health to shine once again over our world.
I pray He does.

Sunset photo on a cloudy SC evening

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