Kings Mountain State Park

I visited Kings Mountain State park in mid-November 2020. I had driven to this park every summer while my boys were young. They’d spend a week there at Camp Cherokee, a time they looked forward to every year. At that time, I never wandered around the park. I was surprised at how much I had missed. Beyond the usual campsites, hiking trails, equestrian trails, it offers an 1800s replica farm which is both fun and educational. William McElwee, a Scottish immigrant had settled around the area with his family back in 1765 and set it up. Horses and a donkey roam an area of the farm today and living history demonstrations are held there in November. I enjoyed checking out the vestiges of the farm that include a cotton gin, a well, sorghum processing site etc.

Enjoy the photos and plan a Sunday drive to this lovely and educational South Carolina State park that connects two states and three parks through its Ridgeline trail.

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1800s Replica Farm

Animals on the Farm

Trail, Lake

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