Sesquicentennial State Park, SC

Sesqui is a 1400 acre oasis only 3 miles from downtown Columbia. It’s a lovely park featuring a waterfall, 4 hiking trails, kayaks, canoes, pedal boats, picnic tables, camp sites. I walked the nature trail then the Sandhill hiking trails twice to reach 5 miles. They are both easy. The sandhill trail meanders around the 30 acre lake. I saw a few bikers but not many for a Saturday morning. There were quite a few people fishing or picnicking. Warning signs for social distancing were spread all around the park. The children play area and the water craft rentals were closed due to Covid. This park is close to me so I drive there often. It is always a calming, rejuvenating experience.

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5 thoughts on “Sesquicentennial State Park, SC

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  1. Have you been to the spring house? Kind of cool, like something out of the game MYST.

  2. Yes, if you head out on the bike trail starting at the little soccer field, just where the trail makes a left and you see the firebreak coming down the hill to join the bike trail. I have not been in that area for a while but it is on the right, down the hill. The GPS coordinates I recorded were N34° 05.600′ W80° 54.419′, you can plug that into Google Maps. If you are into geocaching there is page for it here: If I can find some pictures I will send them via Facebook Messenger.


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